Monday, January 16, 2012

The absolutely essential Eloise/ by Kay Thompson

Ooooooooo, you will absolutely love THE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL ELOISE!  So, when you see this book by Kay Thompson with drawings by Hilary Knight, pick it up and say, "Charge it please and thank you very much!"   Eloise is a "rawther" precocious six year old having the best childhood possible for a little girl who lives on the top floor of the Plaza Hotel with her Nanny who says things three times, her dog Weenie, her turtle Skipperdee and two dolls.  She essentially does whatever she wants and gets away with it.  Any child would envy this rich kid but any adult would feel so sorry for this poor little girl growing up so alone.  Eloise does mention her mother and says she always keeps her bag packed " case I have to leave on TWA at a moment's notice or something like that." That's because her mother travels and only sends for her "if there's some sun" and otherwise isn't present.  However, this is tremendously humorous and beautifully illustrated and made me and my friend, Myra, at the nursing home, grin from ear to ear.

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Me, Bonnie R

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