Thursday, January 10, 2013

The hundred and one dalmatians/ by Dodie Smith

THE HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIANS written by Dodie Smith is the story of Pongo and Missis with their keen brains, willing spirits and good hearts coming together with others in British Dogdom through the Twilight Barking network to rescue the puppies stolen by the evil, Cruella de Vil. If you are a dog person or just curious about why the neighbor's dog is barking you will delight in the surprisingly moving cameos of the dogs in this book. Myra and I loved the Christmas Eve episode where the puppies briefly take refuge in a strange lofty building where they found "individual dog beds" in front of every seat and a "silent television" depicting a mother, father and baby surrounded by animals. The littlest pup, Cadpig, wondered who owned it - someone very kind, she was sure. Touching.
Bonnie R
208 of 1001 ( getting close..... not really!)

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