Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good night, Alfie Atkins/ by Gunilla Bergstrom

Very hard to find book by a Swedish author Gunilla Bergstrom tells the story of Alfie Atkins who does not want to go to bed! He asks his Dad to bring him some water and then to look for a scary lion in the closet and then to find the teddy bear.And so on, and so on. In the end, exhausted Daddy falls asleep right on the floor in the middle of the room.
 "Now Dady has read a story, gotten the toothbrush, changed the sheet on the bed, .............. looked for a lion, found Teddy... and gotten very tired. So tired that he has fallen asleep on the floor<. He is lying there snoring loudly"

I loved Daddy's character, who is smoking pipe on every page! He is  wearing funky looking sweater and green slippers, and he snores too! Very realistic Daddy indeed!
 The whole story is very amusing and i could relate to it because my little sisters playes the same tricks on me : "monsters under the bed", "i need to go to the bathroom", "im thrirsty", "tell me the story" etc etc.

Overall, very heart-warming book with bright illustrations and charming Daddy who will remind you of Popey, the Sailor man

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Ksenia R

Madlenka/ by Peter Sis

A story about a young girl who is happy to share her "loose tooth" experience with all the neighborhood where she lives. "Hey, everyone... my tooth is loose!" - she proudly announces.

Mdlenka then shares her joy with Mr. Gaston, the French baker; Mr. Eduardi, the greencgrocer; Mrs Kham who is from Asia ( Asia is so big! Could the author be more specific?) and other people who know Madlenka.

The story is beautifully illustrated, with many details to notice only after reading the book for several times. Cut-out windows invite children to peek into the world of Madlenka's friends filled with magic and the excitement of far-off lands.

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Ksenia R

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Meg and Mog/ by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski

Lovely Halloween book starring a charming witch and her black cat going to a spell party. It is a funny, warm and memorable work with bright illustrations which invite a child to participate as the story develops. I would recommend this book to educators for preschool story times. Enjoy a video version of the book on Youtube!


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Ksenia R

Friday, January 18, 2013

The biggest kiss in the world/ by R Chavez Castaneda

It is a book about kisses writtenfor kids. It was supposed to be witty and funny, but turned out to be bland( maybe i just did not dig it!) Hopefully, some kissers will get a kick out of it.

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Ksenia R

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Amigos del otro lado/ Friends from the other side/ by Gloria Anzaldua

Sad but hopeful story of friendship, fear and acceptance. Joaquin is a young Mexican boy who is being called "wetback" or "mojado" by other children in the neighborhood. He and his mother crossed the river to get to the USA only to find themselves in poverty and despair again. Joaquin befriends Prietita, Mexican American girl and this blossoming friendship helps the boy to forget his daily fears of "migra" ( Border Patrol) and bullies. Well illustrated, beautifully narrated, bilingual work.  Illustrations contain a great deal of cultural information pertained to Mexican culture. The book could be a great tool for cultural discussions.

Ksenia R

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The hundred and one dalmatians/ by Dodie Smith

THE HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIANS written by Dodie Smith is the story of Pongo and Missis with their keen brains, willing spirits and good hearts coming together with others in British Dogdom through the Twilight Barking network to rescue the puppies stolen by the evil, Cruella de Vil. If you are a dog person or just curious about why the neighbor's dog is barking you will delight in the surprisingly moving cameos of the dogs in this book. Myra and I loved the Christmas Eve episode where the puppies briefly take refuge in a strange lofty building where they found "individual dog beds" in front of every seat and a "silent television" depicting a mother, father and baby surrounded by animals. The littlest pup, Cadpig, wondered who owned it - someone very kind, she was sure. Touching.
Bonnie R
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