Thursday, April 26, 2012

AMAZING GRACE /by Mary Hoffman

AMAZING GRACE written by Mary Hoffman is the story of a talented child and her warm family. Grace, a lover of every kind of story, has a story of her own. Its a story of overcoming racism and sexism. Grace wants to be Peter Pan in the school play but classmates say she can't be because she's a girl and she's black. Through affirmation of family and amazing determination Grace, undaunted by would-be obstacles, shines at the auditions. .... Everyone voted for Grace ... and she gets the part. .... "You were fantastic!" whispered Natalie.... This was the same Natalie who, before the auditions, had whispered .... "You can't be Peter Pan. He isn't black," The play with its color-blind casting is a triumph. Caroline Binch's gorgeous water color illustrations enhance an excellent text that encourages all children to "go for it" when pursuing their dreams.

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Bonnie R

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