Thursday, April 26, 2012

HEY, AL / by Arthur Yorinks and Richard Egielski

Hey, Al
``Paradise lost is sometimes Heaven found.''
Al, a janitor, and his faithful dog, Eddie, in HEY, AL by Arthur Yorinks and Richard Egielski (illustrator) are living in a cramped one room flat on the West Side and their life is an endless struggle. Then a large and mysterious bird offers them a new life in paradise and they decide to accept. Transported to a gorgeous island in the sky, Al and Eddie are soon living a life of ease and luxury. But there are some really bad side effects to leaving the life they have always known. Their dream became a nightmare and they manage to escape. The experience makes them realize there is no place like home, how much they mean to each other and just how good life really is.
152 of 1001
Bonnie R

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