Thursday, April 26, 2012

THE MOUSEHOLE CAT / by Antonia Barber

THE MOUSEHOLE CAT is superb story, based on the legend of the Cornish village of Mousehole wonderfully written by Antonia Barber and illustrated by Nicola Bayley's stunningly fine, detailed paintings of Mowzer the devoted, wise old mama cat, Tom her well trained human and fisherman, the fishing village of Mousehole that depends on being able to harvest fish just outside "the Mousehole" the small opening between the harbor's two great stone breakwaters and the Great Storm-Cat, the menacing winter storm that kept the fisherman land-bound and threatened their families with starvation. Finally, the day before Christmas, Tom, not without Mowzer (For he was only a man, she thought, and men were like mice in the paws of the Great Storm-Cat) go out to fish together in the teeth of the storm. ...the Great Storm-Cat played with them as a cat plays with a mouse, He would let them loose for a little as they fought their way towards the fishing ground. Then down would come his giant cat's paw in a flurry of foam and water. But he did not yet strike to sink them, for that would have spoiled his sport.... The story moves through suspense to a beautiful resolution and Christmastime tradition. This book drives home the beauty of affection, companionship, and loyalty that make one willing to demonstrate sacrificial love. Who wouldn't love this book?

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Bonnie R

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