Thursday, April 26, 2012

SLEEP WELL, LITTLE BEAR / by Quint Buchholz

SLEEP WELL, LITTLE BEAR by Quint Buchholz is a sweet and gentle story of a little boys lovable little bear that, in typical little boy style, can't quite get to sleep. .... And when little bears are not tired they scramble quietly out of their beds and build themselves a staircase... (he stacks books high enough to stand on and peers out his bedroom window) ... to where the moon floats in the heavens like a great round lantern, shining softly on the meadows, on the house, on the trees, on the river, and on the whole world. .... From that vantage point, he reviews his day of being a pirate on the river that flows past his house, and helping old Mrs Rose with her garden, and many other wonders of a child's (and bear's) life. The surreal, truly beautiful artwork portraying the little bears views from his bedroom window, memories of his day and plans for his next is magical. Little Bear can't wait until tomorrow! ..... They'll go to see Mrs. Rose and help with the garden. And then they'll go on an outing to the birdman's meadow. It's wonderfully warm in the sun, and sometimes the wagon goes terribly fast. .....

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Bonnie R

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