Sunday, June 17, 2012

Frog and Toad are friends/ by Arnold Lobel

This is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it blew my mind away!
An anthology of stories about 2 friends, Frog and Toad who are looking for buttons in one story, go for a swim in another, and wait together for mail to arrive in the last one. They are best friends in all situations, helping and taking care of each other. Easy language and large font make this book perfect one for children who are starting to read chapter books, ages 4-8. The illustrations are simple in green and brown ink, with minimum details: nothing distracts a young reader from the text. The language is simple as well: short sentences with patterns of repetition will help children with mastering new words. Each story can be read independently. Lobel introduces the concept of sorting in the story about a lost button and the concept of hibernation in the story about spring.
Through simple language the author succeeded in producing such verbal masterpieces as “Frog and Toad sat on the porch, feeling sad together”,
“The next day Toad gave his jacket to Frog. Frog thought it was beautiful. He put it on and jumped for joy”
and “The whole world is covered with buttons, and not one of them is mine!”

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Ksenia R

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