Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gorilla/ by Anthony Browne

GORILLA by Anthony Browne is the poignant story and beautiful pictures of Hanna who, though she has never seen a real one, loves, loves, loves gorillas.  Her dad, too engaged with his work to be engaged with his daughter, gives her a toy gorilla the night before her birthday but what she really wants is a trip to the zoo.  During the night the toy gorilla becomes a real gorilla, substitutes for Dad and takes her out too the zoo, to the movies, to dinner,  and even dancing on the lawn! ...... Hannah had never been so happy. "You better go in now, Hannah," said the gorilla.  "See you tomorrow."   "Really?"  asked Hanna.  The gorilla nodded and smiled. ..... 
This is a must read for dads who know there really is no substitute for a dad.  ......  The next morning -  "Happy birthday, love,"  Dad said.  "Do you want to go to the zoo?" .....

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Bonnie R

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