Friday, October 19, 2012

Animalia/ by Graeme Base

ANIMALIA by Graeme Base with each page completely covered with illustrations and verbiage representing a different letter of the alphabet, is an ABC book extraordinaire!
Within the pages of this book,
You may discover, if you look, beyond the spell of written words,
A hidden land of beasts and birds.
For many things are "of a kind",
And those with keenest eyes will find
A thousand things, or maybe more --
It's up to you to keep the score.

A final word before you go;
There's one more thing you ought to know:
In Animalia, you see,
It's possible you might find me,

                               --  Graeme

The fabulously detailed, brightly colored artwork which was 3 years in the making and the uncommon vocabulary of this book make it great for kids who are already somewhat familiar with the ABC's and fun for the adults who are lucky enough to have the opportunity to peruse it.  Each page is a hunt to see how many things you can find that start with that letter and for the self portrait the author has hidden there.  Loved it!!

Bonnie R
198 of 2001

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