Friday, October 19, 2012

The Jolly Postman/ by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

THE JOLLY POSTMAN: OR OTHER PEOPLE'S LETTERS by Janet and Allan Ahlberg - Is it a book or is it a toy? With every other page being an envelope containing a letter or card it is fun!  Once you are familiar with the famous fairy-tales, you will enjoy this "sequel".  What could be more fun than reading letters written to the Big Bad Wolf from Miss Riding-Hood's attorney, a copy of a soon to be published book about a fairy-tale princess sent to Her Royal Highness Cinderella for approval from Peter Piper Press, or a letter of apology sent to the Three Bears form Goldilocks.   In a day of writing letters being a lost art, it is quite refreshing and educational.
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Bonnie R

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