Saturday, December 22, 2012

Figgie Hobbin/ by Charles Causley

FIGGIE HOBBIN  is a collection of 13 children's poems written by Charles Causley and complimented with delicate line drawings of Trina Schart Hyman.  I enjoyed the delightful random nonsense of many of the poems contrasted with the thought provoking introspect of others. Starting with I Saw a Jolly Hunter with its suprising ending each poem has a life all its own. The last poem in the book is the one from which the book gets its title.  It speaks of the old King of Cornwell, tempted with all sorts of exotic dishes, who petulantly tells his servants to take it all away and bring him what he really wants--a humble dish of Figgie Hobbin. - pudding sweetened with a handful of raisins (raisins being "figs" and figs "broad raisins").  A lot like me... when I find something on the menu I like, I'm not likely to try anything else. 

Bonnie R

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