Saturday, December 22, 2012

The paper bag princess/ by Robert Munsch

THE PAPER BAG PRINCESS written by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Michael Martchenko is a delightful story of Princess Elizabeth who plans on marrying Prince Ronald when a fire breathing dragon detroys her kingdom, kidnaps her beloved Ronald, and burns all her princess clothes.  She can find noting to wear but a paper bag. She does not look the same but in the aftermath she proves herself to be a brave, smart and resilient young woman.  Elizabeth follows the dragon and Ronald, and seeking to rescue her fiance.  She plays on the dragon's ego to defeat him and rescues her darling Ronald.  But Prince Ronald can't look through the paper bag to see the treasure he has in Elizabeth.  He ungratefully orders her to go away and not return until she looks more like a princess. Elizabeth realizes that this narcissistic and selfish prince is not worthy of the love she has shown him. She leaves this shallow, conceited jerk never to return and lived happily ever after, we are sure.

Myra and I agreed, being a princess is fine but to be strong, resilient and smart is great!  Having a man in your life can be wonderful but it is best to hold out for one who sees more than your outward beauty and recognizes and appreciates who you are.

Bonnie R

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