Monday, August 5, 2013


A NECKLACE OF RAINDROPS is a collection of eight stories written by Joan Aiken and illustrated by Jan Pienkowski.  These delightfully fanciful stories kept Myra and I entertained during eight of our visits there at the nursing home.  We enjoyed each one, packed with whimsical scenarios and fun moments and kept bits of them stuck in our heads in between our visits.  Unforgettable!  Of course there is the necklace of raindrops, each with a special power, the girl who had to be washed with her dress on and hung out on the line to dry so it wouldn't shrink past her and her wishing mat, an old woman who accidentally baked a bit of sky in her pie, the three travelers who attended to the train station in the desert, the cat who ate the yeast, the patchwork quilt and the camels and the traffic lights from Beirut. What fun!
 220 OF 1001
Bonnie R 

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