Sunday, August 4, 2013


A POCKET FOR CORDUROY by Don Freeman is a book is filled with optimistic, caring, considerate human values expressed through the story, a sequel to "CORDUROY".   Lisa has turned into a very responsible and caring not-so-little girl helping her mom with the laundry but not too big to unabashedly take her beloved little Corduroy wherever she goes. She is reluctant to leave without him but encourage by the certainty of her mom that they will find him when they return. The adults in her world from her mother to the artist, to the laundromat owner are good role models, demonstrating compassion and responsibility at every opportunity.  Reunited with Corduroy it,s Lisa who has the connection to understand his need and provide the perfect solution. She has learned the skill of sewing now and is able to add "a pocket for Corduroy".

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Bonnie R

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