Monday, January 16, 2012

Pumpkin soup/ by Helen Cooper

PUMPKIN SOUP by Helen Cooper is a warm whimsical story of a cat, squirrel and duck and their friendship, sharing, and overcoming conflict/compromise.  It starts out with the three of them in harmony as they live together, play music, and make soup.  Each one knows and does his part.  But then it gets real.  (We knew that could never last forever!)  Duck wanted to use Squirrel's special spoon and the conflict ensued and was handled naturally - with real feelings,argument, bad and hurtful words, separation and such things as any child could relate to.  And then, with Duck's chair, at the table, empty, there is real regret and concern and vivid imaginations portrayed with flawless, humorous illustrations (I especially love the one depicting Squirrel and Cat's envisioning of Duck's new shop) as they search for their friend. I enjoyed peering in on their lives (like the two little bugs that appear on every page). The colors of the artwork are warm and orange - just like pumpkin soup.  For some odd reason, I'm getting the urge to make a big pot of  pumpkin soup.  The best you ever tasted!  Want to help?

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 Bonnie R

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