Saturday, January 21, 2012

The tale of Peter Rabbit/ by Beatrix Potter

THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT, by Beatrix Potter, is an enchanting adventure book for the listeners and readers of all ages.  Unlike his siblings, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail, the very mischievous Peter disobeyed his mother and got himself into some dangerous and scary situations in Mr. McGregor's garden.  Disobedience has consequences.  He didn't end up in a rabbit pot pie like his father before him but by the time Peter got home, he was wet, sick, and had lost his new blue jacket with big brass buttons and his shoes (his second set of clothes he lost in a fortnight!), and he got chamomile tea for supper while the "good little bunnies", had bread and milk and the blackberries they had gathered for supper.
I think perhaps this tale that gently teaches children to mind their mothers, good little children are given rewards and naughty children get into trouble is one I should have read over and over to my boys.  I read this to my one-month old great-grandson, JP.  (The P stands for Paul, not Peter.)  If he is anything like his grandpa, he will easily relate to Peter Rabbit.  I'm sure JP's mom will appreciate it if I read it over and over to him!
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