Saturday, May 12, 2012

A bad case of stripes/ by David Shannon

The main character, Camilla Cream, in A BAD CASE OF STRIPES by David Shannon, loved lima beans but she never ate them because all her friends hated them.  Conformity was all important!  I think I was a little older than Camilla when that was the case with me.  I remembered my first day of junior high as I read and totally related to how worried she was about what to wear and what other people would think of her.  After trying on forty-two outfits she looked in the mirror and screamed.  She had broken out with a bad case of stripes!  For someone who wanted more than anything to "fit in",  having multicolored stripes was a disaster!  It got much worse before it got better but in the end Camilla learned that the cure for the stripes was to stop following the crowd and be herself.  So, go ahead and eat those lima beans you love, even if others think you're weird!

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