Saturday, May 12, 2012

That pesky rat/ by Lauren Child

Mr Fortesque says.  "Well, Tiddles, who's a pretty kittycat?"  And I squeak, "I am!"

THAT PESKY RAT, the clever creation of Lauren Child, is the engaging story is narrated by the pointy nosed, beady eyed, cutesy rat who lives in trash can number 3, Grubby Alley.  You may have seen him there!  It's very upsetting when he comes home every now and then and finds that someone has emptied all his belongings into a big truck and driven off with them. Therefore, he wishes he could live a life and have a name of a proper pet like his friends, Pierre the chinchilla, Oscar the cat, Nibbles the lop-eared rabbit or Andrew the Scottie dog. He sees the drawbacks of being a pet but still would do almost anything to be somebody's pet.  He's told that no one would want a rat for a pet, but this enterprising fellow doesn't give up. He makes his own advertisement and waits until a special somebody comes along.  In the end, he becomes the pet of Mr. Fortesque, an old man with very poor vision, who thinks the rat is a cat.

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