Saturday, May 12, 2012

PEACE AT LAST / by Jill Murphy

PEACE AT LAST  by Jill Murphy is a story that follows Mr Bear who can't sleep because of all the sounds that keep him awake, from his wife's snoring to a dripping tap. Mr Bear goes to a myriad of different places in and outside their house trying to find somewhere quiet to sleep.  That's where the fun begins for the reader.  Murphy’s brilliant use of onomatopoeia like "SNORE, SNORE, SNORE"; "TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK, CUCKOO! CUCKOO!" and "DRIP, DRIP" engages us, appealing to the auditory senses. And, Murphy’s colorful and detailed illustrations are appealing our visual senses.  Well, poor Mr Bear has a pretty rough night.  By the time he settled down and said to himself, "Peace at last." ........  "BRRRRRRRRRRRRR!"  went the alarm clock!  It was time to wake up!
Haven't we all been there, done that?  Ugh!
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Bonnie Roeder

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