Monday, November 28, 2011

Alice in Wonderland/ by Lewis Carroll

It's one of the most peculiar books i have ever read. It was much more delight compared to the cartoon from my childhood. There is a continious pun and play with English language, so i would always ask myself while reading: how would you translate this? and this?
The conversations among the characters in the books are of a great absurdity; but this is exactly what makes a book such a fun to read. I will probably now start a notebook to write down all the memorable quotes from this masterpiece:

"and how many hours a day did you do your lessons?" said Alice in a hurry to change the subject.
"ten hours the first day," said the Mock Turtle: "nine the next, and so on."
"What a curious plan!" exclaimed Alice
"That's the reason why they're called lessons,"- the Gryphon remarked: "because they lessen from day to day."

Curiouser and curiouser! (Alice)

'Give your evidence,' said the King; 'and don't be nervous, or I'll have you executed on the spot.'

Overall, one of the most imaginative and cleverly entertaining books i have read. I am very happy to have read it in original language; to enjoy it thoroughly.

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Ksenia R

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