Thursday, November 17, 2011

SKIPPYJON JONES by Judy Schachner

SKIPPYJON JONES  is a rambunctious Siamese kitten with large ears that make him look like a Chihuahua. He is known as El Skippito, the great sword fighter, (a "Zorro"-like hero) to his group of imaginary friends, Los Chimichangos, a roving band of Mexican Chihuahuas .  High adventure ensues as he defends them from the menacing giant Bumblebee Bandito who has been stealing their beans...
"Red beans, black beans,
Boston baked and blue,
Cocoa, coffee Kidney beans,
Pinto and jelly too!"
"And now he comes for us, Poquito added. Because we are full of beans too."
Skippito Friskito was the dog for the job.
Bangito!  Crashito!  Pop-ito!  Skippito!   Who knew that playing with your imaginary friends could cause such a ruckus in a boy kitten's closet?
But all is well that ends with "Buenas noches, mis amigos."   Thank you, Judy Schachner, for such an action-packed, clever, fun book.   

Bonnie R
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