Thursday, November 3, 2011

The cat in the hat / by Dr. Seuss

This is got to be one of my favorites. As a foreigner, i had not read it before, so i am only starting to discover Dr. Seuss!(and Popeye, the sailor man). The book is playful, silly, rhyming, surprising- all the ingredients to become a classic for kids! There are the next characters in this work: the mischievous cat in the hat; a killjoy fish, 2 kids left alone when their moma is at work( where is dad?) and peculiar playful creatures named THING 1 and Thing 2(see the picture) So they all are having fun, playing, making mess. Mom will come home soon, who will clean the mess ??

I loved the story! After the " Green eggs and ham" this is my second favorite!
Ksenia R
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