Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Nutcracker/ by Ernst Hoffman

This story never aged; but inspired movies, plays, ballets, retelling tales. I have been reading it this evening, and enjoyed it as in my childhood many years ago. As an adult now i paid more attention to coulinary details than to a description of a magic realms : i noticed tasty nuts, crunchy cookies, pork sausgae, pink lard( must be delicious!) and other delicatessen..... Nutcracker is on the ugly side, but a brave guy fighting rats : certainly not from our urban environment of pretty-looking men in tight jeans! I remember watching cartoon and weeping three brooks, because he was so ugly but lovable! Fascinating romantic story of interest to young girls who will marry construction workers or  loggers! I enjoyed it quite sincerely(although i am married to a refined man!)

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