Friday, December 30, 2011

The boy who grew flowers/ by Jen Wojtowicz

I just got home from the nursing home where I shared The Boy Who Grew Flowers, written by Jen Wojtowicz and beautifully illustrated by Steve Adams.  My friend, Myra called it a touching story with a sweet ending.  Anyone who has a family that's "different", anyone with an interest or talent that makes it difficult to fit in with their peers, anyone with an oddity or disability that keeps them from participating in life in any way, anyone who is or has a good friend will relate Rink and Angelina. My favorite line was regarding Angelina when Rink had slipped out the classroom door... She marveled at how his absence could take the shine off such a pretty, sunny day.  We should all aspire to be of such an excellent character as this "boy who grew flowers". 
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