Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where is Spot?/ by Eric Hill

WHERE'S SPOT? by Eric Hill uses two of names that triggered a sense of nostalgia in my head.  If you're my age you remember your first grade reader with the lovable Dick, Jane and Sally with their pets, Puff, the cat and Spot, the dog.  I was just sure I would "See Spot run."  But, as I began to read, there was another favorite memory running through my head.  Who doesn't remember playing Hide and Seek?  Sally, the mother dog, in this case, is the seeker of her playful pup, Spot, is hiding.   Lots of fun and surprises ensue as the reader helps her check out every "hiding place" (under the bed, in the closet, etc.) each one being a pop-up that when opened reveals the hiding place occupied by an animal other than Spot, except the last one.  You always find what you're looking for in the last place you look.

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Bonnie R

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