Friday, December 9, 2011

Chanticleer and the fox/ adapted by Barbara Cooney

This is so far the best-illustrated book i have read for this blog! It feels to be  hand-drawn. The plot is very simple: there is a rooster named Chanticleer with the harem of seven hens. Once he gets tricked by a foxie and finds himself between her teeth. Now It is time for Chanticleer to devise a plan to set himself free and return to his beloved wives.. It is worth reading even just for the sake of magnificent illustrations!

Some lovely citations from the book:

"by careful management the widow was able to take care of herself and hew two daughters"

"her bedroom was very sooty, as was her kitchen in which she ate many a scanty meal" ( never heard this word  sooty before)

"Go on!" - the hen said. "Shame on you, you know i cannot love a coward, by my faith!"
and the rooster responds: "... when i see the beauty of your face all scarlet red about the eyes, my fears die away"

Isn't it splendid?

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Ksenia R

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