Friday, December 30, 2011

Children of the forest/ by Elsa Beskow

This 100 year old treasure is the story of a miniature family that lived in a small house, deep in the forest, under the curling roots of an old pine tree.  CHILDREN OF THE FOREST by Elsa Beskow takes you there as these four little children live and play and work with their very wise parents and enchanting creatures through each of the seasons of the year.  My favorite line comes when Spring arrived .... They paddled and splashed in the stream, damming it to build a water mill. No one cared how wet or muddy they were for no child of the forest can ever catch a cold.  ...I read this on the day my great-grandson was born.  I was delighted when at the end of the story, Tom, Harriet, Sam and Daisy were amazed to find that they had a new, round, pink baby brother of their own, too.
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Bonnie R

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