Monday, July 16, 2012

Holes/ by Louis Sachar

The novel is telling a story of Stanley Yelnats, young man who through his bad luck (family curse) ended up in the correctional facility Camp Green Lake. There is not lake there, it is the place in the middle of the desert where prisoners have to dig 5 by 5 hole each day of their terms. Prisoners are told that digging helps to build character, but Stanley suspects they are looking for something. Holes can boast to have a very unusual plot, with a few twists and unusual plot turns. It is a quick read, and as I started I was never able to put this book down. The author skillfully mixes a modern day setting with 2 other stories from remote past, which are connected with Stanley’s present and his family’s mystery. Stanley’s character is memorable: he develops from a meek guy with low self-esteem to a loyal courageous friend, unlikely hero by all means. Zero, another main character of the book is mysterious and quiet, but the mystery has its purpose: he is connected to Stanley’s family story. Sachar’s novel is humorous, heart-breaking at times, thrilling and very engaging. The author’s writing style is appealing to readers, because it sounds very casual, laid-back. Grades 5-7
194 of 1001
Ksenia R

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