Monday, July 16, 2012

THE KEEPING QUILT/ by Patricia Polacco

THE KEEPING QUILT by Patricia Polacco is a beautiful story about the author's Jewish family history and precious heirloom.  It was a quilt made of various articles of clothing belonging to family members. "We will make a quilt to help us always remember home," Anna's mother said.  "It will be like having the family in backhome Russia dance around us at night."  And so it was from page to page, the quilt was there for every occasion (special or not) playing an integral part - It served as a tablecloth for Sabbath and and birthday celebrations, the huppa for weddings, a blanket that warmly welcomed newborns and kept children and elderly comfortable, and sometimes a superhero cape or tent.  I loved the art work, and the way the quilt was accented by being the only thing in color.   At every family gathering it was the grandmother's pleasure to tell the story of the Keeping Quilt. 

Traditions are for keeping and whether in a quilt or a photo album or just memories it is a grandmother's pleasure to tell the story.

Bonnie R 
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