Monday, July 16, 2012

Miss Nelson is missing/ by Harry Allard

The children in room 207 are misbehaving: spitballs and paper planes are everywhere and they are rude even during story hours! Poor miss Nelson cannot cope with them and disappears one day. Now the children from the room 207 have a new substitute teacher: Ms. Viola Swamp! She is strict, she is mean, and she will give so much homework to children from the room 207! Now children from room 207 miss Nelson very much…… This humorous book is a perfect read for preschoolers and up. With the plot worthy of Hitchcock, and with funny quirky illustration filled with clues and sharks, this marvelous story will delight, puzzle and amuse every child who loves to read silly stories-thrillers. The storyline is very creative, and the illustrations made with crayon complement the text perfectly. I loved the description of dailies in school with all the flying airplanes, chewing gum and noise sounded so familiar! The author also uses “speaking” last names such as detective Mc Smogg( who smokes pipes on the pictures) and Viola Swamp( mean and nasty one). I also enjoyed the concept of probability gently introduce when children try to figure out what happened to their beloved teacher (“Maybe Miss Nelson went to Mars” – “but that did not seem likely either”)
Ksenia R
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