Monday, July 16, 2012

The new kid on the block/ by Jack Prelutsky

In this zany anthology of poems, Prelutsky covers a whole array of topics: bullies, brotherly love and hate, teachers, friends and strange creatures. The poems are very funny, sometimes with nonsense words and outrageous plots ( the author’s attention is on the situations and objects from life that are familiar to children). Each piece of poetry rhymes, and the author plays with the language quite skillfully, employing alliteration and onomatopoeia for many of the pieces. The layout is very minimalistic: 1 poem per page with blocks of text neatly organized. Illustrations are simple black and white sketches, which catch the “core” or the main theme of every piece of the poetry. I think this book could be perfect for preschooler boys who love disgusting staff, but language is quite challenging at times, so the book is suitable for older children. I would love to read more of Prelutsky’s poems: they are very appealing to both children and adults, and I think this anthology is great for development of vocabulary and phonological awareness. Children grades 1-8.
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Ksenia R

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