Monday, July 16, 2012

Jumanji/ by Chris von Allsburg

Jumanji is a name of a jungle adventure game that was found by Peter and Judy in the park. One has to read instructions to this game very carefully: once it is started it cannot be finished until players reach the Golden City. As soon the children rolled the dice, their house filled up with rhinos, monkeys, a lost tourist guide, a python and a scary lion. How will they manage to finish the game and clean up by the time mom returns home? This story is a real thriller for children: the plot is very exciting and well-developed with twists and enigma building up with every page.  Grey illustrations help to establish the mood, and the author-illustrator skillfully uses shades and shadows to build the suspense. Even though published in a picture book format, it is more suitable for children who are in the transition to chapter books, because the book has large amounts of text on each page. I noticed how the author skillfully arranges paragraphs: it is easy to follow the story when there are breaks on the page. Overall, Jumanji can be praised for its high-pace, unusual and very memorable plot and great way to introduce children to marvels of Africa. The book is recommended to children in 1-4 grades.

Ksenia R
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