Monday, October 31, 2011


There are domestic ducks and there are wild ducks.  Then there are those ducks drawn to the charms of the city and looking for a safe place to raise their ducklings.  Whether its in Boston's Public Garden or Clackamette Park, we enjoy seeing them and feeding them!  This  story of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard is probably similar to the story many of our fine feathered friends might tell.  Training her eight ducklings and getting them safely to their destination is just all in a day's work for a mother but when it comes to the ever-present dangers of the city a little help is needed!  If an officer came to the rescue today as, the very kind, Michael did in MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS there would be a flood of television and Internet coverage that would pale to none if cute is what you're looking for.  Is it any wonder that in Boston Massachusetts this story by Robert McCloskey has been memorialized in a bronze sculpture by the same name?  And, of course, there is a parade held every Mother's Day called, you guessed it.... Make Way for Ducklings!  How cute is that!  
Bonnie R

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