Monday, October 31, 2011

Rifles for Watie

War is for the young! The Ignorant Jeff Bussy marches off to Fort Leavenworth from Linn County, Kansas in 1861, on his way to join the Union volunteers.  The young and sweet Jeff first shows signs of compassion early in the tale, but as war progresses his spirits become numb. In the Indian country south of Kansas he fights for the ideals of the Union and President Lincoln. After his first battle Jeff soon learns that there's more to war than honor and glory. Jeff finds many friends on each side of the conflict including the Lucy, who is a Cherokee native and the supporter of Confederates. The enemy to all union soldiers in the Indian territories is Lt. Watie and his men, fearsome rebel raders.

This story gives the feeling of the war to a young reader in a wholesome manner. I felt sympathy for Jeff and was left wanting to know more about his adult years.

Bryan R

0018 of 1001

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