Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The biggest bear/ by Lynd Ward

The story is similar to Gentle Ben, or about how difficult it can be to have a wild bear as a pet. Johny finds a cub and brings him home. The cub has voracious appetite, gobbling up everything he sees and what not. Johny's home soon will be too small for this glutton, and the brute will start ravaging neigbors' fields and larders. No-one is happy no more!!!! Neigbors have had enough of this situation! Johny's family has to come up with a "bear-elimination plan", that will probably not work so well as the bear has no desire to go back into the wild, where food hunt is quite a chore! He is like a boomerang: always comes back. Luckily, Johny meets some people who would fancy this giant glutton at the city zoo.

Great tale with gorgeous illustrations. For all the boys who dreamt about a pet bear!

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Ksenia R

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