Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jamela's dress/ Niki Daly

Thank you, Mr. Daly, for this little trip to a country steeped in color and beauty.

JAMELA'S DRESS written and illustrated by Niki Daly is the story of a South African little girl named Jamela. Mama had worked hard to earn the money to buy several yards of beautiful but costly new fabric of which she was planning to make something special to wear to Thelma's wedding. In preparation it was washed and hung to dry on the line. Jamela was given the responsibility to keep the dog off of it so it wouldn't get messed up. Technically, Jamela obeyed her mother's orders. The dog never got the fabric dirty. On the other hand...... I remember how irresistible clean sheets flapping on the line could be.... and so it was with the beautiful fabric as Jamela dreamily swayed between the folds and it wrapped around her into a dress. Proud as a peacock she joyously paraded down the street, drawing the attention of many friends and neighbors including a photographer. Children sang, Kwela Jamela African Queen! Too soon, the costly new fabric was not so beautiful and Jamela had to face the consequences of her actions. Mama was very upset and so was Jamela. It was through a surprising turn of events that Jamela was inadvertently responsible for the replacement of her mother's new dress. It was through Mama's love Jamela got a little surprise of her own.
If you love a happy ending you will love this book!
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Bonnie R

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