Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ugly Duckling/ Hans Christian Anderson

A classic, THE UGLY DUCKLING by Hans Christian Anderson retold by Stephen Mitchell with paintings by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher is the story of a swan hatched into a family of barn yard ducks. Because he doesn't look like his siblings or any other duck for that matter he gets rejected, ridiculed, teased, bullied and made to feel worthless. Only the mother duck can look beyond his ugly appearance and recognize that he has a very good heart. She could not bear to see the way he was treated but had no power to change the situation. He ran away and tried to live among the wild ducks - not a good place to be when hunting season starts! He escaped with his life but found no place where he was accepted. It was a harsh and miserable winter. He nearly froze to death and suffered similar treatment everywhere he wondered. Finally he found out who he really was and the place where he was accepted and admired. All his misery made him all the more thankful for his new-found happiness. And, his magnificent beauty on the outside finally matched the beauty of his heart on the inside!

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Bonnie R

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