Sunday, March 4, 2012

The three railway engines/ by Rev. W. Awdry

The Reverend W. Awdry was encouraged by his wife to publish THE THREE RAILWAY ENGINES before I was born and here we are, reading it today!  I don't think that even the Mrs. had any idea how popular this work would be! This was just the beginning of a long, long series which have been delighting kids and their parents and grandparents for many years. (Note: Many people believe that Thomas the Tank Engine was the first in this series...that is not so...this was the book that started it all!)  It includes four stories of three remarkable talking trains - Edward, Gordon and Henry who share a train shed. The quite readable stores tell of their distinct personalities, adventures and interactions - good stuff that kids love, to this day!  It has stood the test of time.

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Bonnie R 

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