Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Gruffalo/ by Julia Donaldson

THE GRUFFALO written in rhyme by Julia Donaldson with wonderful pictures by Axel Scheffler is the story of an extraordinary, imaginative mouse taking a stroll through the deep dark wood.  This mouse is not meek and fearful; he's bold and confident, a real smart-aleck, in fact.  He is confronted by fierce predators --the clever fox -- the wise owl -- the subtle snake who are all outwitted by this littlest of animals and turn out to be wimps .  But then, the mouse meets the terrible monster of his own imagination -- THE GRUFFALO!  Would this be his end?  No, there is no end to the power of wit and words!  That's how we stay out of the food chain! 
 Bonnie R 
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