Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Bear called Paddington/ by Michael Bond

In 129 pages and 8 chapters, A BEAR CALLED PADDINGTON by Michael Bond is a collection of stories about a polite, English speaking, little bear who had emigrated from darkest Peru and was adopted by the Browns (a caring, polite, and reserved family).  They discover he is a very complicated bear to take care of.  In each chapter there is a new adventure as Paddington adapts to life with the Browns and learns how to live among the humans in England.  Troubles come but always seem to turn out for the good.
This was a delightful read for me and my friend Myra at the nursing home. 
Several of the aids listened in and smiled brightly as the said,  "I remember Paddington.  He was always my favorite!" 
 - A truly timeless book!

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Bonnie R 

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