Thursday, February 9, 2012

Madeline/ by LudwIg Bemelmans

She is smart, says what she thinks, and is she is just a bit disobedient.  Who wouldn't love her?

Ludwig Bemelmans' MADELINE is the story, told in rhyme, of Miss Clavel's 12 little girls in a Parisian boarding school. The smallest and most daring, Madeline, is quite the handful for the teacher but she gains the respect and admiration her roommates. They want to be just like her in every way.  After being rushed out to the hospital in the middle of the night for an emergency appendectomy and  then showing off the scar on her stomach when they went to visit.......

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Bonnie R

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  1. ...And all the little girls cried, "Boohoo, we want to have our appendix out too!" "Good night little girls! Thank the Lord you are well! And now go to sleep!" said Miss Clavel.