Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Cay/ by Theodore Taylor

The Cay/ By Theodore Taylor

Yes, once again i found myself reading a historical novel. This is the second time i read this book, the first time was in the 5th grade. Phillip Enright is the son of a American Oil Executive and his southern mother. Phillip becomes marooned on a deserted Island, after the ship he and his mother are on is torpedoed. Phillip is blinded and is cared for by a elderly black man Timothy. The odd couple soon overcame racial differences to survive and built a strong friendship. I realy like rereading this book and remembered how exciting i thought being on  a desserted Island would be. It was also one of the reasons i became involved with survival classes as a teen. i can still remember trying to make fish hooks out of nails, just like the Timothy did on the cay.

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  1. I was very thrilled to find your blog today- I'm reading the 1001 books too- and indeed just finished The Cay. It was great. Completely new to me. I love the image of your childhood self making fish hooks like Timothy did. I hope you're still reading the 1001, although I see blogging is stalled back in July.

    I run a yahoo group of like minded folks reading 1001 books if you'd like to join us.

    I blog some of the books too amongst other things.

  2. Thank you for the comment Louise. we are still reading, but we just movie into a new house and haven't had time to post, but we will soon. i will take a look at your group. hope to hear from you soon.