Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blueberries for Sal/ by Robert McCloskey

Robert McCloskey wrote and illustrated BLUEBERRIES OF SAL modeled after his wife, Peggy, and daughter, Sally.
What could be better than canning blueberries for winter?  - Eating blueberries on a summer day!  - Or reading the story of Sal and her mom as the go Blueberry Hill to gather blueberries in their pails and their meeting with a little bear and his mother also seeking the delicious berries.  This story is still relevant after 60 years. We are still harvesting and preserving wild food stuff, especially in an economic downturn.  It is a evokes warm feelings of peace, serenity and happiness we have experienced in the abundant blackberry patches, local u-pick strawberry fields or mushroom picking spots.

Bonnie R
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