Thursday, February 2, 2012

Borka/ by John Burningham

Borka is not like all other geese in the family: she is featherless. One day Borka's mom knitted some feathers for her to wear, but younger geese are still laughing at Borka's odd appearance. One day she is left behind by her family who flew away from the winter. Borka wanders off to sleep on a ship and here her real life travels begin... She meets new friends, a dog Fowler, Captain McAllister and Fred. Upon discovering Borka on the ship, the Captain proclaims: "A goose on the board! She'll have to work her passage if she is coming with us to London". So Borka did : colied pieces of rope with her beak, picked some crumbs on the floor and helped her friends in every possible way. Later, the Captain left Borka to start a new life on the river Thames in London, where other geese did not mind at all having  a featherless company.
Beautiful work of firendship, acceptance and hope. Gorgeous illustrations and sadly sweet story.

new friends of Borka on the ship: the captain, the dog and barefoot Fred.

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Ksenia R

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