Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snip SNAP! What's that?/ by Mara Bergman

The story of three children who are frightened of an approaching alligator, SNIP SNAP!  WHAT'S THAT? by Mara Bergman with illustrations by nick Maland is the representative, perfect example of a read aloud picture book! 1. a repetitive phrase we all can say together - "were the children scared? YOU BET THEY WERE!" 2. fun illustrations (bright and colorful, they are highly supportive of the text. Several pages have no text, just illustrations.) 3. a theme or message (it acknowledges and validates the fear that the children feel and then models how to be brave to overcome the fear) 4. opportunities for active engagement (I can see children role playing by opening their arms to become alligator mouths or hiding like they are really frightened, etc.)  5. words for sounds (like swishhhhhhed and swoooooshed) and some, but not too many "bigger words" that they can make sense of due to context. (like flashing, gnashing and crashing) 6. a great ending (I won't give it away)  Warning!!  They're going to want to read this one over and over and over!

Bonnie R
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